The Museum

The museum Beethoven Hous Bonn is based in Germany in the town where Beethoven was born, it is a three story house with a stage built behind as a new addition for orchestra experience and displays. The website is in German and English. Here is some key information about the museum:

Our mission statement
The Beethoven-Haus serves a national and international purpose: It helps to conserve Beethoven’s bequest and work for future generations.

The Beethoven-Haus significantly contributes to the identity of the city of Bonn, known as Beethoven city.

Since its foundation in 1889 the Beethoven-Haus has become a unique place, uniting under its roof a historic memorial site (Beethoven’s birthplace), collection site, research centre and concert hall. Thanks to the exclusive combination of collecting and preserving, researching and exploring, presenting, publishing and communicating, the Beethoven-Haus offers its visitors the opportunity to experience music and culture at first hand.

The relevance of the Beethoven-Haus is based on the ongoing popularity of Ludwig van Beethoven and his music, on the special atmosphere at his birthplace and on the exclusive collection of sources and long-time research and documentation efforts. From its beginning, the Beethoven-Haus has been strongly supported by citizens and artists alike.

It gives people the opportunity to come into touch with Beethoven’s fascinating and energetic music and gives competent answers to any questions about the great composer. Many ways lead to the Beethoven-Haus, both real and virtual ones.

In recognition of Ludwig van Beethoven’s relevance and impact the Beethoven-Haus wants to serve as a point of attraction and orientation and simultaneously have an influence on all segments of society.

Our guidelines and values
We fully embrace our mission and commitment statements.

We gladly share our knowledge.

We treat our partners and supporters in a respectful and polite manner.

We handle the items entrusted to us with utmost care and responsibly use the resources we receive.

We strive for sound communication and intensive exchange both on an internal and external level.

Our work attitude and treatment of others is characterised by respect and a strong sense for cooperation.

We efficiently use and develop the individual talents of our employees.

Our work is creative and target-oriented and demonstrates a high level of commitment and efficiency.

We strive for constant improvement and development.


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