Stuart Nolan – Mr Magic Man.

Stuart Nolan cam as a guest lecturer to help us develop our understanding of experience design through his own career in design with the use of applied magic.

Key learning points were as follows:

  • Misdirection – The ability to obtain the audiences attention in one place so that something else can happen in another without them knowing (like is magic tricks).
  • Deception – Encourage an audience to feel or think something, making the unreal appear real to themselves.
  • Curiosity – A useful aspect to intrigue a person to want to experience your piece, give them enough information or visuals to want to try it but not enough to give the game away (what’s in the box?).
  • Use of previous or other audience members – Peoples reactions (if caused especially to be exaggerated) will make others want to join in and experience to so that they can have the sam reaction. You can also bring in larger groups through encouragement from others, and using stereotypes may help e.g.” are you brave enough?” to young men.
  • Distance – Make people interested and drawn in from a distance, space ot be noticed is key.
  • Key point of attention – E.g. the castle in Disney World give you a point to aim for so you experience everything on the journey to the centre.
  • Hidden Imagery – In Disney Land you will see “Hidden Mickeys” the same and image is everywhere, on decoration details, the shape of the are itself and other places. This causes a second experience to the audience, they want to go around to find all these hidden images.
  • Anticipation – Building this up can make others bring people in through their excitement.
  • Shared experience – do not limit it to one person at a time, do not forget about the third person experience.
  • Dress the experience – this pieces that make the experience can say a lot, e.g. test tubes would make things scientific where as old pots would make it almost God-like.
  • Linked senses – Some senses are influenced by others such as by viewing a replica of yourself being touched it may feel as though you are, warm colours may make you feel hot ect.
  • No limits – Do not limit a persons reaction, leave this open it may surprise you.
  • Pepper’s Ghost – how magic can be use in displays. By hovering glass over a person laying down at 45 degrees and shining light through it the “ghost” of this person will appear standing through reflections.
  • Ten count magic trick – if I told you I’d have to kill you.
  • Nothing is impossible to make, magicians can always find a route around the problem to make anything seem real.

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