Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

This is the piece of music I have chosen for my experience, it is a cut down of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, the reason for this is to create an end to the experience in case a person becomes too engrossed and does not leave the composted platform. Thus, ensuring that others would receive a chance to become the first person experience rather than just being left as the audience in the third person. This piece was also chosen as it has one of the most recognisable introduction to a piece of classical music known, all Beethoven fans (and even those who are not so much) would know this piece immediately for its high energy and powerful display.

“The power, concentration and white-hot compression of Beethoven’s music is staggering.” A review can be found on the Guardian website which explains and describes the emotion placed into the piece: “And so, it begins. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony sounds its hammer blows of fate; or perhaps those four notes are a transcription of the song of aViennese yellow-hammer; or a symbol of war-time victory; or a transformation of a Cherubini choral song. Those first notes of Beethoven’s symphony have been heard, interpreted, and explained as all those things and more. It’s the single most famous symphonic trajectory of expressive minor-key darkness to coruscating major-key light.” –


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