Beneath & Beyond – Stephen Hurrel – MOSI

 Beneath & Beyond - Stephen Hurrel - MOSI

Hurrel has creates a piece of sounds art that allows us to listen to planet Earth. Beneath & Beyond can be found in a darkened room suffused with red light, a map of the world projected on to one wall. The darkness is permeated by a low rumbling, the sound of (I imagine – I’ve never actually met one) a giant snoring. In fact, the rumbling comes from the frequencies emanated by tectonic plates grinding together and, it turns out, that map on the wall is connected to scientific monitoring stations dotted across the globe, so that every time an earthquake occurs (no matter how small) it is simultaneously seen and heard at MOSI. It allows for something as large as the Earth to be shown in a way we can all see and hopefully have some understanding of.


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