We Are What We Do – Historypin

We Are What We Do - Historypin

Historypin aims:
To transform the perceived social value of the history of their family, streets, country and world.
To bring neighbourhoods together around local history and help people feel closer to the place they live in.
To get people from different generations talking more, sharing more and coming together more often.
To conserve and open up global archives for everyone to enjoy, learn from and improve.
To create a study resource for schools and universities.
To become the largest global archive of human history.

At the heart of our solution was using technology to breathe fresh life into old pictures, videos and recordings and allow people to add and explore it much more easily and enjoyably.
Historypin is a global archive where millions of people can come together around the history of their neighbourhoods, from across different generations and cultures, to explore and create rich, communal archives and build stronger communities.
This Historypin experience takes place online at Historypin.com, through our iphone and android apps and via Historypin community projects all over the world.
Individuals can add photos, videos, audio files, stories and recollections, pinning them to a particular point in place and time, for other people to add to, learn from, debate and use to build up a more complete understanding of the world.

Google is We Are What We Do’s main technology partner on Historypin and has supported the development of the Historypin site and apps with financial and technical support, including the integration of a series of Google tools and services, including Google Maps, Picasa, Google App Engine, YouTube and Android. Google teams around the world also support Historypin’s work with schools, helping us develop materials and reach out to schools, and work with us establishing community, educational and development partnerships.



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