Motion Sensor Technology

Motion Sensor Technology

The link provided includes information about the key types of motion sensors, the one I wish to use in my piece is an in fared sensor, this detects the human bodies smallest movements.

Music and Video

Combining the music and the animations so that they play together when the motion sensor is activated is straight forward, software is available to download such as Adobe After Effects and others used in the industry for theatre and such like (even Windows Media Player is an example of this) this software will enable you to make the two media pieces the same so that no timing errors will occur.

Floor Sensors

Floors sensors are given a limit of weight, they are similar to that of button on the ground, when a weight is placed on the sensor a switch is turned on, this is linked to the motion sensors, this then activates a system for the music and visual display on the screens to being. When a person stops the switch on the motion sensors turns off and the visual and music pauses, when they begin to move again it continues.